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    At Cardànas we make shoes to honor the young at heart, those who run free, those who wake up early and stay up late. Those who wear our shoes are unique, so we craft them in a unique way, we use the best materials (100% cotton, natural rubber and artisan leather).
    We strive to elevate social consciousness, so designing each pair responsibly is a must.
    We think trendy is good, but we'll always remain classic so you can use them whenever, play in them LIVE in them.
    Cardànas is a fair trade brand and we care for our community employing and working with local providers, we sustain our local economy and our family grows bigger each day. We want to spread the love — our shoes are made with so for each pair we sell, we plant a tree.


    When you buy a pair of Càrdanas 
    know you are taking
    something special with you.
    Walk in them, play, love and leave
    something good behind.